Alan E. Hunter-Irvington Ghost tours



Al Hunter


Al has been interested in historical ghost stories since he was small boy when his great-grandfather, a lifetime railroad man, told him the story of the Lincoln ghost train. His primary interest is in historical folklore and oral tradition, particularly when it deals with Indiana history. He's a former teacher and high school baseball coach and currently leads all of the ghost walks & tours that the Hit-team presents. He's been involved in the community ghost walks & tours since their inception over seven years ago. He is a skeptic with an open mind continually in search of tangible evidence of ghosts and haunting's.

Al's experience in the field can be traced back to well before his attendance at the very first Ghosts of Gettysburg conference in March of 1997. He and his wife Rhonda have been chasing ghosts as a hobby for nearly fifteen years together, even embarking on a special tenth anniversary "Haunted" tour of California in 1999 involving spending the night at a different "Haunted" locale every night for 12 days beginning in Los Angeles and ending in San Francisco.

Al is a board member of the Indiana National Road Association, Co-author of two books on haunted Irvington, weekly columnist for the Indianapolis Eastside Voice newspaper and active in several different historical organizations. He has two children, Jasmine and Addison.