About the shop , us and the tours.


About Us

Welcome to the home page for the Irvington Ghost Tour headquarters, Soup & Curiosity shop. We are a Community Oriented group of Paranormal historians and enthusiasts that meet regularly for the purpose of investigating the oft described, but little known secrets and whispers from the pages of Central Indiana History. We meet once a month at Book Mamas with a group we fondly call "The Ichabod Crane Society for things that go Bump in the night."

Our group is very involved in the communities that we tours. Our specialty is researching, planning, & leading haunted walks & ghost tours all over the state of Indiana to benefit the the communities we tour. You can learn more about these efforts by visiting our Community Involvement page. We have ranged as far north as South Bend and as far south as French Lick to host and lead ghost tours. Unlike other groups, we do not wait until we have enough people to fill out a tour to decide when our tours will be held. Unlike other tours, ours is an all volunteer effort and we make no money and receive no compensation for the work that we do. To date, we have raised well over $ 15, 000 for the communities that we've planned historic ghost walks & hosted tours in. You can learn more about our tour schedule on the Ghost Tours page.